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Fashion is a subject that most girls like to talk about. People may think that all the clothes, accessories, perfume, shoes etc. are mostly for women; however, men also play a big role in the fashion industry, both in manufacturing and consuming. Some of the world famous fashion designers are Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacob, Tom Ford, Christian. They are all men, but they can create the dreams about outfit of all the girls. Male models are also familiar to the fashion shows, and they can even take the spotlight of the beautiful female models. Fashion products for men appear in almost every store, and they do not just simply buy T shirt and jeans. Boys nowadays know how to take care of themselves as well as their appearance, so it is understandable that they buy a huge amount of accessories, shoes and other fashion items. Their cabinets are now full with jackets, sweaters, shorts, caps, sandals, shoes or boots, and maybe someday men will take more time than women to choose their outfits. Fashion does not stop anyone, and everybody can buy and wear as many clothes as they wish.

I have a dream of being able to attend the world famous fashion shows. Some of my favorites shows are Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Victorias Secret etc. When I see them through the TV screen, I always admire the splendid stages, the stunning models in their outstanding outfits. Fashion can have a very simple meaning of clothes, but it can also be a vast ocean where people live or die with it. Behind each stage is a huge team of designers, crafters, supporters, make up stylist, hair stylist etc. They all work hard together to create a perfect show which may last for only an hour. The models on the runway are like angels because they are so beautiful and confident to walk and show their body toàn thân beauty in front of hundreds or thousands of people. Some of the outfits are realistic and ready to wear, but some of them are just like creations from the designers dreams. If I have enough money, I will definitely get myself a ticket to enjoy those wonderful scenes of a fashion show.

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